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Credit Reference form Favorite Business Credit Reference form Business form Business. 2 credit reference form free download free printable credit reference form samples in pdf word and excel formats credit reference request your address here your logo here to re your firm has been given to us as a credit reference by the subject pany creditreferencec sfarzo string pany 122 calistoga rd 203 santa rosa ca 3702 phone 707 539 6430 fax 1 309 407 5310 – sales sfarzo us credit reference request date to [name & address of credit reference] re [name of person seeking a credit reference] dear madam sir the above referenced person has applied for credit with our pany and has listed you as a credit reference to assist us in making our credit decision please provide us with the below requested information credit reports are the most reliable form of credit reference credit reports include detailed line items on the borrower’s credit history the number of credit accounts a borrower has open the sometimes your credit score alone isn t enough to convince a business of your creditworthiness this is where a letter to request a credit reference be es helpful with this document you can let the credit reference speak for itself a letter to request a credit reference can be the first step on your way to an approved loan credit reference form when you are trying to a credit reference for a potential client this blank credit reference form can provide a template for the request it will guide you in what is the important information that you need when obtaining a credit reference such as the terms of credit high credit current balance etc free sample template request a credit reference letter online information will be sent to the utility pany you have authorized and will include your payment history dates of service .